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Compassionate Veterinary Care Can Help Your Dog's Behavior Problems

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Pet emotional problems, such as intense or prolonged anxiety or boredom, can be a source of significant suffering for animals. Some pet behaviors that are perfectly normal for that animal’s species can be disturbing to humans, like house soiling, cats scratching furniture or dogs barking excessively. Animals can become aggressive and threaten other animals or humans’ safety. Behavior problems can seriously jeopardize the joy of the human-animal relationship or even bring it to a tragic end. 

Problematic behaviors can be triggered by a change in the pet’s environment like moving to a new dwelling or the addition of a new [human or furry] family member. They can arise following a traumatic event like the pet getting lost, attacked or neglected. Or they may simply be a manifestation of the animal’s natural maturation and aging processes.

We are here to help!

The staff at Compassionate Veterinary Care has the experience and expertise to help pet parents treat new and old behavioral problems.  The first step in controlling or changing these behaviors is to discuss them with us to rule out any medical component.  We strive to help pet parents learn the reasons for their pet’s behavior and then find realistic options for treatment by behavior modification and/or medication. An important part of Compassionate Veterinary Care’s behavior services is experienced certified animal behaviorist Amy Blum, providing diagnostic and behavior modification services for our patients and their families. By making an accurate diagnosis and suggesting appropriate interventions, we strive to improve both your pet’s quality of life and yours.


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